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Earn Traffic Free

Earn the maximum amount of credits by using our new direct link in combination with any other custom traffic methods!
Here are a few things you can do:
Place a simple link on your site.
Redirect ALL traffic from dead-end pages.
Use the link in your media buying campaigns and get something out of your remnant inventory.
Traffic Tips & Tricks:

Active accounts have priority in traffic distribution, so try to send at least 1 visitor each day to take advantage of our full potential.
Put the script on the page where you are sending the traffic so you can also multiply your new visitors.
Use our referral program to maximize your traffic. You will get lifetime traffic for each new member (5% of all the credits they generate).
Send your referral link to the people you know
Add it to your signature in the formus were you participate
Send it to your traffic exchange partners.


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